Monday, October 15, 2012

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Tenafly Recreation Department has plans to add fitness equipment
The department is set to present a proposal at the Oct. 9 council meeting calling for installing fitness equipment at various locations. "The equipment would be for everyone and every demographic, young, old and everyone in between," said Recreation ?

Pumping iron at Boulder Creek park
If approved, those funds would be used to buy about a dozen pieces of exercise equipment designed for outdoor use, said Diane Hamilton, who sits of the district's board of directors. Options range from a stationary bike to parallel bars, and one of the ?
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Not Just for Kids: Get a Workout at Buffalo Grove Playgrounds
Thanks to the rise in popularity of outdoor boot camps, which often make use of equipment available in parks and playgrounds, many adults are taking a second look at playgrounds as an affordable way to exercise their inner child and outer adult?and ?

Cybex Promotes Women's Fitness, Raises Funds for Breast Cancer Research in ?
(BUSINESS WIRE)? Cybex International, Inc. (Nasdaq: CYBI ) , a leading manufacturer of premium exercise equipment, proudly announced that it will hold its Fourth Annual Cybex Pink Ribbon Run throughout the month of October. The initiative is designed ?
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